My First Twitter bot

For my first experience with NodeJS, I decided on the fairly popular project of a Twitter bot. All I had to do was figure out what this bot would tweet. I looked around for a while, and eventually I found out that my university offers a public API, which includes parking lot data.

So, I'd figured out my project: process the data from the API at intervals to tweet how many parking spots are open. I also thought having the bot tweet some grumpy things when the parking got full could be a fun little twist.

In the end I had to split the parking data into the 3 types of parking spot at UOW, ticketed, permit and carpool. Luckily collating all the data ended up being less than the 140 character limit of Twitter.

First Experience with NodeJS

Working with Node for a project really made me understand why it's such a popular language, and discover that the implementation of a module system made it a pleasure to work with.

With little/no understanding of asychronous programming, first class functions and callbacks left me confused and in the dark, with no idea what I was doing. This of course meant I had to research and understand these concepts if I was going to get anywhere.

However, once I understood these basics, after some research and structuring the program out on paper (as I probably should've done before starting...), progress came quickly.

In the end, I decided to use events to structure the program as it helped me split the program over multiple files with small functions with events gluing them together.

NPM and modules

A language with a package manager to make it easier to install specialised modules was a new experience for me. It seems to be a system with many upsides, but I can also think of quite a few situations in which it could complicate things.

In the end I only needed these three external modules:

Many thanks for the effort and in-depth documentation from the creators of these modules, this wouldn't've been possible otherwise.


The bot is deployed on an AWS instance in Sydney, and can be found here.